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Taking care of her hygiene, by delivering cost-effective, biodegradable and safe to use Sanitary Pads.
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An Introduction

Sanitary pads without any doubt are the best friends of women. Designed to absorb menstrual blood, pads come on several sizes and shapes including ultra thin, extra dry, extra long and with wings. Today,  there are many sanitary pads brands available in the market but not all of them are economical in prices. Understanding this, we, Maheshwari Industriess started running our operations as a manufacturer to deliver highly safe and affordable Sanitary Napkins. We offer napkins in a wide variety, some of the  most selling items among all are GoFive Extra Dry Pad, GoFive 2X Softer Pad and GoFive Extra Dry Pads.

Our Story

She bleeds, it is absolutely natural for her body. The only thing which we all needs to be sure is that it should be safe to her and her family too. Thinking about the hygiene which every woman needs in her menstruation days, Mrs. R. Maheshwari started this company. As a lady has started our sanitary napkins dealing company and ladies are carrying our operations, our tagline has been set as For Her, By Her.

Our founder from past many years has been relentlessly working hard to educate women across the country about menstrual health and hygiene that sanitary napkins offer. She with her hard work has created a social impact by empowering local women to identify & procure quality raw materials, manufacture, pack and then market sanitary napkins including GoFive Extra Dry Pad, GoFive 2X Softer Pad and GoFive Extra Dry Pads at affordable rates. Due to their hard work, we are emerging in the sanitary pads market as a leading player which is filling the gap of price & quality.

Why To Buy Our Products?

We, Maheshwari Industriess are making available Sanitary Napkins under two brand names, GoFive and Confidays. Our sanitary pads should be bought because of several attributes such as:

  • They provide natural period protection
  • They are safe & effective
  • They are biodegradable, hence earth-friendly
  • They are leakage free and skin-friendly
  • They have soft top sheet for extra gentleness on skin
  • They are highly hygienic and have excellent absorption capacity
  • They are comfortable to be used